A good bag is a great fashion statement that should never be underestimated. It's also your own private space and an extension of your character. It adds flair to your style and helps you express who you are as a lady. A great bag is a part of you.

Therefore, getting the right bag is more than a simple yes or no choice. It’s a subconscious decision that comes from deep down your heart and soul. A deep desire to make not only a fashion statement but also get a bag that's an extension of who you are as an individual.

However, before deciding to buy yourself a shoulder bag, you have to find yourself a selection of the best designer bags, a spot where the Knot hobo Bag is and truly deserves.

But first, what is the perfect handbag?

The perfect handbag will pull at you. It’ll communicate to you without really saying anything. It’s a deep connection of love at first sight. From the first moment you look at it, you'll never find yourself second-guessing your decision to get yourself the bag.

It’ll just be a matter of saying yes to the perfect accessory. That is when you’ll know that you’ve got yourself the perfect bag. And in comes the knot hobo bag, beauty of blue, the perfect accessory. A gem made from centuries-old craftsmanship. But first, a little bit of history.

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Knot hobo bag

The hobo bag's history dates way back 1300 years. It was originally made in the east through traditional handwork that involved a lot of patience and skill to bring out the gentle beauty and lovely design.

Over the years, the bag has been called by many names, including ‘medicine spot cloth’ and ‘water flower cloth.’ The fact that the beautiful handbag has been around for over 1300 years goes to show the beauty and flawlessness of the design, its apparent functionality, and the bag's general versatility.


The knot hobo bag is a tote bag that features an oversized design that is designed for both compatibility and functionality. It belongs in a group of hobo bags and is designed to carry many items. The design also features knotted straps that add to its already simple, chic, and yet stylish design.

The shoulder bag also features a calm deep sea blue color with white, floral patterns that feel you with a fragrance and remind you of a path full of eastern Bluestar flowers. The knot ag is an elegant fashion element that will perfectly complement your loo; however, more on that later.

knot hobo bag, shoulder bag

The knot hobo bag has a blue cloth exterior with a white floral pattern that goes well with most outfits. The material is soft, making it comfortable enough, especially if you have to carry the bag with you throughout the day.


The bag’s interior is made of soft polyester cotton material that is rich in texture and quality.


The bag’s strap is approximately 120cm and is perfect for carrying both on the shoulder and arm. The strap is also wide enough to fit on your shoulder, which comes in handy, especially when you need to carry slightly heavy stuff comfortably.

Strap Pattern

The strap's pattern is made in a knot that ensures good grip and comfort when held on the shoulder or arm.


The knot hobo bag has a convenient button for when you want to open or close the bag.

Internal pocket

The bag has one zip pocket that you could use to store sensitive content like your phone separately. It also has to card slots for separately storing some cards such as your identity card or driving license.


The bag weighs 350g, which is light enough not to add extra weight to your daily load.

Why should you buy the knot hobo beauty of blue?

The knot hobo beauty of blue is a timeless accessory that represents women's beauty and their will to face life's triviality and calmly. So, what makes this bag unique and different from all other bags?


The knot hobo beauty of blue is a functional bag that can be used by any woman. The knot hobo bag is big enough to fit your stuff, whether you are a student or employed but also contains a designer quality that gives it its uniqueness and sets it apart.


The knot hobo beauty of blue can be outfitted with different outfits making a must-have if you are a lady. The blue color, designer finish, soft material used, and the intricate designs used to decorate the bag make the bag an exotic must-have among fashionable girls.

The knot hobo bag can be matched with dark and light-colored outfits because of its minimalistic colors and simplistic pattern making it great for various outfits. You'd never go wrong with a knot hobo bag.

Chic style

The knot hobo bag has a chic designer finish that gives it a laid back quality. Its intricate designs give it a calming and relaxing feeling that portrays calm confidence. The dark blue color also adds to the calm excitement, like when an ocean wave slowly crashes into the beach on a warm summer afternoon.

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The Knot hobo bag is made to be chic and stylish. Its shoulder strap is simplistic and functional, which ensures that you are comfortable and, at the same time, gives the outfit a simplistic yet elegant design.

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The strap pattern is punctuated by a knot at the top, making it easy to carry on the shoulder or arm, making it one of the most comfortable and reliable crossbody bags you can get.


Getting yourself the Knot hobo Beauty of blue is the best decision you’d ever make. Having the knot hobo bag on your shoulder will look not only sleek but also comfortable because of the carefully designed strap.

The knot hobo bag will put you apart from the rest of the crowd because of its sleek design and beautiful colors, and amazing pattern. Buy the knot hobo bag, beauty of blue from AVA&LINA, and get yourself the best deal you could get!

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