Things to Remember When Buying Clutches

We all love our bags and want to combine the right handbag with our outfit and get that perfect look as we step out of our houses. As we decide what to use, there are certain things to keep in mind.

 There is a good enough variety when it comes to handbags, from spacey tote bags to small clutches and everything in between is available and a huge array of materials are used from fabric to jute clutches. In this article we focus majorly on clutches and their making and how to choose the one that fits perfectly with your outfits.

So here is an article which is all you need to read if you want to know more about clutches:

As we all already know a clutch is generally a small purse devoid of any sort of straps or handles. It might come with a thin wrist band to make it easier to carry. It is generally carried in your hand or under your arm, tucked between your arm and sides. There is a huge variety of material and designs when it comes to clutches and designer clutch manufacturers are not stopping anywhere.



A clutch can look great in any outfit you wear from dresses to sarees and jeans; you just need to choose the right material and design of the clutch. Here is how you do that:


  1. Be Wise

When you choose the type of material you have to be wise about it. It is not important to stick to any rule. If you think you can carry off a highly sequined clutch during the day then do it. Generally a sequined or metallic number is paired with the evening outfit and taken to-night outs and sorts whereas subtle, neutral colors and prints are used in the day. But as said earlier, there is no rule as such and if you think you can pull it off then just go for it. Jute clutches are extremely in and can be paired up with anything.


  1. Mix It Up

It is not at all important for your clutch to match your shoes or your belt. In fact it is best to mix things up. If you want your outfit to have a pop, then go for mismatched clutches. Designer clutch manufacturers are providing you with a huge amount of options. Go crazy with them. Use a hot pink number with neutral colored heels and add the pop. Use a gold clutch with silver heels but do not overdo it. Make sure its eye-catching but not blinding or over powering.


  1. Clutch It On A Budget

If you are someone on a budget but need to look trendy, first indulge in some neutral colors fit for the evening like black, metallic or champagne. As clutches are hardly used they last long, but if you are a regular social events visitor or a party person, you might want to splurge a bit and get a good sturdy piece with latest shapes and motifs.

If you are buying your first clutch then buy neutral shades and patterns that work in the day before you buy evening clutches.

The perfect clutch will bring out your outfit and hold the exact amount of things needed. It does not look clunky or inappropriate in almost any occasion. When you set out to buy one, having knowledge of your wardrobe will make it really easy on you. It will be really sad if you end up buying the same design or material. Your choice of clutch will showcase your fashion sense to the world, so choose wisely.

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